Risk Analisys

Insurers and brokers, mainly in the industrial and construction sectors, have aimed the risk analysis work.

Risk analysis can be defined as “the probability of an adverse event, problem or damage occurring, and its consequences".

In a constantly changing and strongly troubled time, like the one we are experiencing, it is essential to become aware of the risks facing an organization so that insurers and brokers can perform their work objectively and more cost-effectively.

Risk analysis aims to identify the threats most likely to occur, analysing the vulnerabilities found in an organization (with industrial and commercial activities), and to facilitate decision making.

In essence, risk analysis involves checking non-compliant critical points, being, however, difficult to assess all aspects of a risk and to oversee all consequences of a management measure, since there will always be a degree of uncertainty.

Risk analysis is a systematic way to be able to fully assess risks, achieve transparency in their complexity and to address uncertainties and shortcomings.

Risk Analisys