SOPERTEC is, since 2005, certified in accordance with Standard NP ISO 9001:2008.

SOPERTEC management considers that the implementation of a Quality Management System helps to achieve the following guiding principles of management:

a. Ensuring client satisfaction will bring success to the organization;

b. Continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, to meet the needs and concerns of the clients;

c. Tend to and communicate with the Insured (clients of its client) with respect, kindness and attention, in order to ensure the continued trust of the clients;

d. Involve all employees in achieving the goals of quality, contributing to the continuous improvement of services offered;

e. Each employee, in fulfilling its duties and under the guidance of the hierarchy, shall:

    •Assess / plan > before
    •Intervening / observing> and then
    •Analyze / regulate > in order to
    •Agree / inform