The General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data - Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 lays down rules on the protection, processing and circulation of personal data of natural persons and which applies directly to all entities that process the data in any member state of the European Union.
Sopertec, Sociedade de Peritagens Técnicas, Lda., Headquartered at Praceta do Colégio de Gaia, 362 - 4º Dtº post .; 4400-090 Mafamude, Vila Nova de Gaia, is the Entity Responsible for the Treatment of Your Personal Data and for ensuring your privacy, acting in accordance with the law and the new regulation.
The privacy policy applies to information collected through various means, such as: Forms / forms, via the website of "Sopertec" and / or personally provided, and may at any time amend, modify, add or rectify this "policy privacy "without the need for any prior notice.
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Data collection

The data collected by Sopertec, Sociedade de Peritagens Técnicas, Lda., Refer to various personal elements, such as: name / address / CC / NIF number, etc. and obtained always with the prior consent of the Holder respecting their right to privacy

Purpose of the collection of personal data

The personal data provided to Sopertec, Sociedade de Peritagens Técnicas, Lda., Is exclusively intended for the instruction / regularization of the processes of occurrence, and / or administrative processes, duly explained on a case-by-case basis.

Preservation of personal data

Your personal data are kept by Sopertec, Sociedade de Peritagens Técnicas, Lda., For the legal period of retention of the processes of occurrence, and / or during the period of collaboration with "Sopertec", committing ourselves to adopt the appropriate measures to conservation and safety.
Address of the Data Protection Officer:

Deletion of personal data

The owner of the personal data may request at any time the deletion of his personal data and for this purpose he must contact Sopertec, Sociedade de Peritagens Técnicas, Lda. In writing or to the electronic address:, Who will proceed to oblivion / deletion of those, unless for legitimate reasons can not be.

Security of personal data
Ensuring the confidentiality and security of personal data is a permanent concern of Sopertec, Sociedade de Peritagens Técnicas, Lda.
We have taken the technical measures necessary to comply with the Regulation, ensuring that the processing of your personal data is lawful, legal, transparent and limited to the purpose identified above.
However the information transmitted via the Internet is not totally secure and can be intercepted by third parties, so we can not guarantee the security and authenticity of the information provided by this way