Pathological Surveys / Pathological Assessments are aimed primarily at:

Insurers, for the purpose of preparing the diagnosis on the condition of buildings surrounding a specific worksite so that, should an event or complaint be filed, pre-existing damage and consequential damages attributable to works can objectively be defined;

Contractors, for the same purpose of identifying the state of preservation of properties and buildings surrounding the worksites, ie, pre-existing damages, so that they might be eventually attributable to the work to be carried out;

Home / property owners, to safeguard the right to the preservation of their property, once it is determined or foreseen that it might be at risk from surrounding works and actions (or others).

It consists of surveying and recording the deficiencies in constructions / buildings that may be related to their state of preservation, construction and/or project deficiencies, damage from an external cause, along with a loss assessment report, including photographic records.

A pathological issue may be understood as a situation in which a building, at a certain point of its useful life, does not perform as expected.

The problem is identified from the pathological symptoms or manifestations resulting in structural and/or functional changes in the building, representing warning signs of the defects encountered.

Pathological Survey