Asset Evaluation

The primary aim of the asset evaluation service is to define the capital at risk in the insurance policies in compliance with the evaluation criteria underlying the general and specific conditions in force, addressing construction, technical, economic and financial aspects, and is based on the physical survey and its operation. It also provides important information for:

- Accounting purposes;

- Granting of credit;

- Transparency with banks, suppliers, clients and others;

- Business transactions (mergers, demergers, acquisitions, joint-ventures and others).

On an ethical level, those who evaluate should not trade the evaluated assets, or have any direct or indirect interest in them, thereby protecting against any possibility of manipulating the results.

The process of evaluating a company is complex and, although all methods are quantitative, it involves assumptions underlying their implementation, which are constrained by subjective criteria, where the quantity and quality of information used and the time spent in evaluating the company under scrutiny are fundamental to be achieved a reliable result.

When performed on a regular basis, it not only is a reliable source of information for the companies, but also an indispensable tool.

The goal of asset evaluation is to establish the current replacement values, depreciation and market values for all the items that form the assets of a company, and relates to its appreciation, which may include real estate/equipment, inventory and operating losses.

Property Evaluation and Analysis of Real Estate Investments.

SOPERTEC has renowned employees in this field, with expertise in the real estate market, in respect of evaluation, who are able to work in the following areas:

  • Assessments:
    • - Housing developments, commerce and services
    • - Single-family houses and building units
    • - Land plots
    • - Industrial buildings
  • Real estate consultancy in general
  • Investment support for construction

The experts in Evaluation and Real Estate Investment Analysis are accredited by the Securities Market Commission (CMVM), are specifically trained to respond to a truly demanding market, short deadlines, high level of demand, competitive prices and full confidentiality, providing services in real estate evaluation, credit to stimulate construction, mortgages, division of assets, expropriations, etc, for public and private financial institutions, law firms / solicitors and private clients.

Asset Valuation